Thursday, August 13, 2009


Last night was the peak of the meteor shower. Jake and Lucy came over. We got Beatrice to sleep around 8:30 and waited a while.

Once it got to be pretty late, I lifted her out of her crib and we all got in the van and found a nice, dark field. Bea was fine with the transition to her carseat and she slept in the middle of the field and dew and starlight. Lucy and I lay on a baby blanket and looked at the night. James and Jake smoked cloves and talked.

I saw one streak shoot across the sky, but really the night was too cloudy for stargazing. Nevertheless, there was that magical feeling of connectedness looking up at the endless, endless. It's an ageless sensation and I can't wait to see the wonder grow in my daughter's eyes as she experiences the vastness of the night sky.

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