Sunday, August 9, 2009

Slumber Party

We had a lovely, busy weekend! My youngest siblings Raleigh and Emma stayed with us while our parents celebrated their 27th anniversary.

Raleigh is 12 and Emma is 10.

We stayed up late on Friday night watching Coraline and hanging out with Jake and Lucy (our friends who come over to play quite a bit but not enough. Lucy is girlrobotics.) We all ate ice-cream. Beatrice stayed up waaaay too late because she didn't want to miss anything.

On Saturday, James worked and we four got up late and three of us had eggs over toast. The kids didn't know how to eat it; they just ate the eggs off the top and didn't know what to do with the toast. Coffee.
After breakfast we went to the pool and nobody else was there. When Beatrice -who is too little to get in the chlorine pool- got fussy, we took her for a walk around the lake. Raleight and Emma were fascinated by the turtles and fish. Then it was back to the pool and a few more people showed up. James called when he was on his way home from work. We went home too.

While I nursed B, I talked Raleigh and Emma through making pizza dough. They had never used yeast before. The pizza was ready shortly after James got home and we devoured it. Swimming left us hungry and tired so we all settled down for quiet time after lunch.

We got up groggy after an hour and decided to go downtown to Cleveland Park. It was HOT. We only played for half an hour or so before we decided to head back to the pool. This time it was even more fun because we had James. Raleigh was particularly happy. We played Categories and Marco Polo.

It wasn't a late night for any of us. James made egg tacos and we all collapsed!

This morning we got up and had Lucky Charms and got the kids ready for church. Mama and Daddy picked them up at 9 and they're all coming back for lunch- a cook-out! Yay!

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