Thursday, August 6, 2009

The Treehouse, a description

Our family lives on the top (third) floor of an apartment building. We have a balcony facing a forest rather than the parking lot. Our bedroom windows face the parking lot. When we first looked at this potential home back in January or February, I was pregnant. The view out the windows was rather dull- all gray and paved. But there were branches and I knew that those branches would eventually fill up the panorama with leaves and blossoms.

Now, how cheerful it is! I go into the nursery and see so much green! And pink flowers, too! Out on the balcony, more green. And not only from the trees: James hung vines all along the railing and they do look real.

Our apartment is a two bedroom flat. There is a small kitchen and a dining/living area. The bedrooms are also small. James and I have the bigger of the two. It is decorated like a college dorm, basically. We have a duvet cover for curtains, an old hand-me-down dresser, Christmas tinsel along the ceiling, a hippie wall hanging, a couple mirrors and bulletin boards and an encouraging banner. The bed is one James had as a teenager and the comforter was one I had as a teenager. Our walk-in closet is a total wreck which I will address one of these days. All in all, our bedroom doesn’t look that “together.” It’s the only place in our home where I really let the frayed edges show. But it is comfortable and that’s what’s important.

The smaller bedroom is Beatrice’s, the nursery. It is my pride and joy. There are pink stripes going down one wall. There is a white changing table, a rocking chair, a book/clothes shelf and a crib that was my siblings’ over a decade ago. Her closet serves as our main storage space. It houses guitar cases and stuff like that. Beatrice has all of my monkeys in a basket under her window. She has my “special blanket” on her wall and her own thrown over the back of the rocking chair for quick access. Her room is all pink, white and red. So, so, so girly! (I don’t know what I’ll do if our next baby is a boy.)

The Living Room is pretty cozy. It’s all tree-house-ish. We have a brown/green sofa with a wooden trunk serving as an end table on one side and a tall wooden stool on the other with a wooden-type lamp on it. (The lampshade is one of Beatrice’s favorite things in the world to look at.) Lots of pillows. There are a couple bookshelves with all old books in them and plants on top, three guitars hanging on the wall and a brown and cream zebra striped paper lantern. There is an old-fashioned chair in the book-nook with another trunk beside it. The rug is greens and purples, the coffee table wooden. The computer area is hidden behind the bookshelves.

Our dining area has one wall painted red. I have some antique plates on that wall. There is an unfinished quilt based on a Klimt painting on the adjoining wall. My parents just gave us a table that they weren’t using. Yay!

This apartment complex isn’t the nicest, but it also isn’t the worst. It’s in a good part of town and there are a lot of trees. I’ve worked hard to make our home as comfortable as I can and there are still a lot of things I want to do… Although hopefully we’ll be able to move into a house of our very own someday!

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