Thursday, October 29, 2009

Song of the Day No. 11

I'm very behind with publishing songs here, but I've written more than enough to cover the past few days that I've been absent. Here's the first, a fantasy:

I sang a new world
Where none was before
Didn't think the old world
Was for me anymore.
I sang for the mountains
The valleys, the sky.
I sang for the rivers
And deserts so dry.

I sang for the nations,
The cities, the towns.
Everything grew from
The shape-shifting sound.
I sang for the creatures
Of earth, sea and air,
All covered in scales, feathers
Short or long hair.

I sang for a people
Who were free of sorrow
Forgot about yesterday,
Knew not of tomorrow.
I sang for a people
Who only knew love.
I sang for a people
Who only knew love.

Nothing is wrong.
Nothing could ever be wrong
In a world that exists
Only in a song.


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