Thursday, October 15, 2009

Song of the Day No. 6

There's a murder of crows
In a lifeless live oak
As the frigid wind blows
A smell of burning leaf smoke.
It's a good, good day.
The sky looks just like a bruise;
There's not a sunbeam in sight
And you have nothing to lose
The icy glare is so bright.
It's a good, good day.
It's a good, good, good, good day.
It's a good, good day to be alive.

In the snow covered woods
The wolves are hot on your heels.
You wish that everyone could
Feel just what you now feel.
It's a good, good, day.
There's a body afloat
In the river so red.
Bleeding from a torn throat,
There is no doubt she is dead.
It's a good, good day. . .

Everything is right in your mind.
Everything's alright in your mind.

If you never get sick,
How will you know when you're well?
How will you know you're in heaven
If you ain't been to hell?
It's a good, good day.
If you never break down,
It's hard to build yourself up.
If you never get out,
How will you ever find love?
It's a good, good day. . .

Note: Since I didn't post anything the last two nights, I figured I'd make up for it tonight by posting some songs I wrote on those days as well as today's.


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