Monday, October 19, 2009

Song of the Day No. 10

"Reverend Bramble Childress" (based on a character created for a collection of short stories.)

Reverend Bramble Childress
Ain't from around these parts.
But he show can impress our women;
He show can steal they hearts.
His eyes are thunderstorms;
His smile's a lightning bolt.
Though his hair's all white
No one knows how old.

Reverend Bramble Childress
Is the fastest talker around.
He could sell charcoal to the devil
Or convince "up" it's really "down."
When he gets up in the pulpit
All his flock agree
They would follow him through hell
If it was necess'ry.

Reverend Bramble Childress
Is a servant of the Lord.
He cast them devils out
With his demon-killin' sword.
He exorcised ol' Brandon Boyles
'Til B.B. couldn't see,
But saved him from the Lake of Fire
And suffering eternally.

Plus two for Baby Bea:

Daddy wants to give
His little girl a kiss.
Daddy wants to kiss his Beatrice.
On her - cheeky cheeky cheeky cheek!

II. "D" (Lily's been writing songs for Bea based on the alphabet. So far she has A-C. So here's "D"!)

D is for diamond and dragonfly.
D is for dynamite and dandelion.
Doorbell, detail, dizzy, doe,
D is for all these words and


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