Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's Been Up

Oh My Gosh! We've been away so long! James and Beatrice have been sick and I've been busy caring for my family. Poor things!

First of all, let me assure you that James has kept up with his songwriting. A song a day, often more. Don't worry, he'll post them soon as he gets a handle on that dripping nose of his. Despite his lingering cold, he has also stayed on top of schoolwork. He had two tests and a project on Sunday. All A's, good man.

As for Bea, she tries so hard to crawl, but her little arms just aren't strong enough. Still, she'll crawl before she sits on her own. Mmmmm, she's so cute we can hardly take it.

Being sick, we've watched a lot of movies. The Man Who Knew Too Little last night, Land of the Lost before that, Elizabeth I and The Proposal we watched together. On my own I watched Miss Congeniality and part of Monsters, Inc. and Marcelino Pan y Vino. That's a lot, even spread over a few weeks. Damn Blockbuster and their rewards card!

On that note, can I just say one thing? I am not a Will Ferrel fan. It's just that his movies are funny. I haven't seen all of them and I don't intend to, but he makes me laugh. He's got one of those faces, you know, like a lesser Bill Murray.

In other wonderous-fantasmical news, Beatrice sleeps through the night! And when she does wake in the dark hours, I don't get her. Finally, Mama is well-rested. This was all James' doing. He put his foot down after the Most Dreadful Night of Them All and I thank him for it every morning when I emerge from the bedroom blurry-eyed and dis-shevled from such engrossing sleep. I love you, James! (He plugged in the white noise generator on my side of the bed and cranked it.)

So I didn't really get sick, but at one point I thought I was getting sick. Turned out I was just in desperate need of a shopping spree. That happens to me sometimes. Luckily, Christmas is just around the corner, so I have a good excuse for the frenzy. It's like vampires on the hunt. This time, I didn't have wheels so I had to content myself with the online thing. Oh, blessed, blessed, glorious PayPal, you are so good to me!

Okay, signing off,


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