Friday, November 6, 2009


I did a terrible thing and I haven't gotten up the nerve to tell James. He's at work now. I think I'll let him find out right here in a public place where you will all protect me. Anybody there?

There's this company called babylegs. Don't read my story unless you know and understand the CUTE NESS THERE OF. See how irresistible they are? But do you know how much they cost? Yeah, like between $12 and $15. Per pair.

Hear me out and tell if I can really be blamed. There's a sale going on where they are only $7. Plus, if you buy 4 pairs, you get two of the "SuperSoft" pairs for free. Plus free shipping. One look at the website and I was doomed. At regular price, I would have spent $78 not including shipping. I only spent a teensy-weensy $28. That's all.

Oh, and they are so practical! You can put them with a long sleeved onesie, under a dress, under pants, on arms for extra warmth. They will help us get through winter. And I just felt so sorry for my little daughter all dressed up like a boy every day because she got hand-me-downs from uncles, the youngest of whom just turned 13!!!

And I promise I'll go without ice-cream (and any other treat I obnoxiously ask for) for the rest of the cold season. And I already gave up my allowance.



  1. Naughty. Very naughty. Very, very, very, very naughty. OK, maybe not quite that naughty, but naughty nevertheless.

  2. Maybe I shd check out this site. Do they just make them for babies? When will they arrive? And let's be fair. She also has hand-me-downs fr her eleven-year old auntie! Moma