Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bird Days, Day 6

I'm a bit behind with my birds. One bird behind, in fact. Let me tell you, it's tough to find the time every night to paint. And if you get behind, it's even harder to catch up. But today as I started to work on my Tufted "Black-Crested" Titmouse, I noticed that I had forgotten to paint my Tufted Titmouse's ruddy underparts. And his feathers looked a little too blue.

Don't accuse me of perfectionism. These paintings are far from perfect. But it's still a lot of fun, and it's even more enjoyable when you see something you can do to improve their looks and make that happen. So even if I don't produce as much as I want, I'll be happy if I improve my skills and maybe even paint a few birds that are nice to look at.

Fortunately, Lily paints faster than I do. She's got a lovely little hummingbird for day 6.

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