Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fictional Bands

We've got soooo many bands: No Yes, Darger, MBF, Charles & Henri, Johnny Hand & the Hots; the list goes on and on. Trouble is, most of them are not real. I mean, they're real in the sense that it's a group of people who get together and play original music. But they're not real in the sense of a Band that drives around in a van and works on a business plan, man. Nope, we do it for its own sake. Don't get me wrong, if someone offered me money for my music or to play a show, I would take it! But it's not a career. It's a way to connect with our friends and loved ones and hopefully meet more of them.

So we treat the bands like works of fiction. We play roles, use stage names, wear costumes. We assume alter egos. Our Wolf Note label has dozens of artists and bands, but only consists of about half a dozen actual people. And why not?