Thursday, November 5, 2009

Song of the Day No. 25

Mini Mike was a squirrely guy
He had buck teeth and one crossed eye
He only stood three pumpkins high
And green eyed girls'd make him cry

Silly Sally fled the valley
Where her fam'ly's at
Then she moved into an alley
With all the homeless cats

One buck-a, two buck-a
Three buck-a, four
Five buck-a, six buck-a
Seven buck-a, score!

Corny Connie told bad jokes
She lives in a shack with her folks
A deck of cards is in her spokes
And when she laughs she always chokes

Donnie Diamond loves a rhymin'
Every time he tries to speak
With better timin' you'd see him climbin'
The charts's very highest peak


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