Thursday, November 5, 2009

Song of the Day No. 26

Random fragments:


Rock so hard that their
Heads will explode!


Animated crap stew
Slap crated west main

Key Rice!
Key Rice!


Once I met a friendly sprite
Flying round just like a kite
She landed on a barn
And with a ball of yarn
Made a puppy who could bark but never bite


I've got an on/off switch and a candlestick
A third grade witch and a bag of tricks
Don't underestimate them
That would be a grave mistake


He's under the weather
Don't bother him
He's under the weather
Leave him alone

There's pressure on his head
Sinuses are feeling clogged
His limbs are moving slowly
He is living in a fog


You think it's good to be obnoxious
I'm inclined to disagree
Where is your tact?
Where is your tact?
You never think before you act
Where is your tact?

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