Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Song of the Day No. 32

Five verses, all with the basic same music, varying in intensity.

"Various Crimes" (aka "Repeat Offender")

Give me all your money
And your jewelry, too
Don't laugh. It isn't funny
Don't think I'm kidding you
This's what you'd call a robb'ry
It ain't nothing new

Today I stole a baby
Took it from its crib
Gave it my old lady
With pacify and bib
She laughed like she was crazy
And thanked me for the kid

I'm a repeat offender
I will offend again
If I go on a bender
I don't want my fun to end
So set 'em up, bartender
Give me three shots of gin

I shot a man on Tuesday
Ran him through the head
Left him right where he lay
Left him cold and dead
His livid skin looked so gray
Deprived of ruddy red

Everybody sayin'
That crime just does not pay
Mama always prayin'
That I will mend my ways
Won't happend 'til I'm layin'
Just a layin' in my grave

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