Monday, November 16, 2009

Song of the Day No. 37

"Lonely Aberdeen"

Once upon a time
Deep in the Dark Woods
In the hills of Caroline
A mossy cabin stood
The Old Black's muddy banks
All copper red with clay
Made the house all wet and dank
Splashing night and day

In that cabin no one stayed
Except a lonely hermit
Named Aberdeen Manchester Gray
And his pet frog, Kermit
Abe's skin was of a leathern texture
His hair was soft and gray
His beard was flecked with salt and pepper
His eyes were far away

Every night the demons came
As he lay in his bed
Every night the demons came
And ran wild in his head
Them demons showed him murder
Them demons showed him death
He prayed with verve and fervor
That they would let him rest

Lonely Aberdeen, lonely Aberdeen
Them demons is so mean
To lonely Aberdeen

Abe called out for Jesus
Each and every night
His circumstance was grievous
He was paralyzed with fright
He called out to the Lord
"Save my soul from immolation!"
But his prayers went unheard
He was the wrong denomination

He tried to drive the demons
Out from in his head
Their cold teeth were a gleamin'
Their eyes was big and red
He ranted, raved and thrashed about
He broke things and he swore
His mind was filled with grief and doubt
His soul was torn in war

Them demons made him do things
He never would've done
They even made him see things
His mind was on the run
He saw some blood a drippin'
From the ceiling in the hall
He saw a red heart beatin'
Nailed up to the wall

He began collecting knives
And hid them on his person
He started hanging out in dives
Drinking shots of bourbon
The odor he emitted
Could hardly be called kind
Freely it was admitted
The man had lost his mind

One night old Aberdeen
Passed out beneath the bar
And pissed himself in his jeans
Cause he was gone too far
They shook him and they kicked him
But he just lay asleep
A narcoleptic victim
Missing half his teeth

When they fin'lly woke him
He babbled on and on
Though he'd hardly spoken
For years to anyone
But no one understood
A word he had to say
They all wished that he would
Simply go away

The situation worsened
When Abe sprang to his feet
In frustration he started cursin'
His face white as a sheet
He produced two rusty blades
And stabbed whoever was around
'Til the bartender Kincaid
With his ball-bat took him down

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