Thursday, November 26, 2009

What's Going On

It seems like our only posts these days are my songs of the day. So I guess we're due for a little update. Don't think we've given up on our birds, folks. We haven't. But something weird happened the other night. We both painted subpar birds. Not that we're claiming to be great oil painters or anything, but our birds that night were well below the standards we had set. Take my Mallard, for instance (left). I mean, it looks like something an elementary school kid or an institutionalized person might paint. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy outsider art. But we were, needless to say, a bit discouraged by this development. The next night we gave it a break. No birds. But now we're back into it and having fun again!

In baby news, Beatrice has added a new word to her vocabulary: "DADA." That brings the grand total up to two (2) words! The other one is "mama." She also crawls around tirelessly. She pulls herself up on things. She loves to bang on a keyboard and hum through a kazoo. She's also teething again, and it looks like she'll have two front teeth for Christmas!


  1. I feel so sorry for your poor duck! He needs a good loving home. <3 I don't feel sorry for my loser bird, the Wood Thrush. I like to call it a Wood Rush, as in Rush It To The Wood Pile Now.

    Okay, Beatrice has a slightly wider vocabulary than you give her credit for. She can say Ah-goo and Ga-ga-ga-ga and Ba-ba-ba. She can also make an "H" sound. I'm so proud of her, but why does she have to grow so quickly! I want her to stay tiny and cuddly. She just wants to go and go. Pretty soon, she'll be off to college!

  2. You should give the duck to jake. (this is actually jake, but I wanted to make it seem like it was lucy.)

  3. I don't think Jake would like the duck. Besides, I think James is really proud of his plucky duck. (This is actually James, but I wanted to make it seem like it was Lily.)