Saturday, November 14, 2009


The baby is asleep for the night so I can finally show you what I made. It's a baby outfit and it fits Beatrice just right with a little room to grow. The only problem is that it's really boyish. Maybe I'll save it for a later edition of Nichols' baby or maybe I'll give it away. Whatever. The main thing is that it fits. So now I'll just get right back to work in pinkier and reddier and purplier fabrics.
I love you,
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  1. You are one talented Chicklette! I think it's adorable. And girly, in a non-Barbie way. Good job mama. Do you crochet, and read crochet patterns by any chance?


  2. Thanks! And yes, I have just gotten into crochet and I love it!!! But I'm not so good at making the patterns turn out the right size. For example my Martha Stewart booties would fit James rather than Bea.... (but I altered the pattern and gave them at a shower this morning.) Do you have a pattern that need de-coding?