Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Muse, Music, Amusing

A Blue-bellied Silver bird just landed on my craft table. (That's what I call the dining table when the baby is napping.) This bird became my muse for the afternoon. I assembled a flock of bluebirds out of fabric from my stash. My dwindling stash, James.

Last week I made what I like to call Francine Monsters:

I've been checking out a lot of Creative Blogs lately. My favorites are Bleubird Vintage, Smile and Wave, A Beautiful Mess, Dos Family & the Purl Bee. I've looked at these and a few others almost daily for the past weeks and found much inspiration.

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  1. dwindling? i have tons of fabric i will be getting rid of. tons. you can ahev snippets of everything or all of everything. i dont care.