Monday, March 15, 2010

Um, hello... Where have you been?

Well, I've had a lot of things keeping me busy and keeping me away from here. Lots. Honest. For one thing, it's that lovely time of year again- Spring Cleaning. I had no choice but to submit to the frenzy after our long and miserable illness. This entire little tree house had to be picked up and shaken over the balcony. I scrubbed out the 'fridge and behind the toilet.
Did you know we lived in a different building in this same apartment complex until just before the baby was born? We lived in a one bedroom in the C building. This is a two bedroom in the E building. Boy, am I glad we moved. The C building burnt down last week. The whole building didn't actually burn, but it's damaged enough to require full destruction and removal. The only person hurt was a fireman. He was rescuing a woman from a top-floor apartment and she sucker-punched him so she could get her cats. Crazy cat lady. But he's okay.

Beatrice will be one in less than a month. She isn't walking. But she says "Book!"

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