Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lost at Sea No More

This week, I've been making lists. It is so satisfying to check things off, but even better is having a sense of direction through the day and motivation to get it all done. I love it. Basically, I put on my list the things I'm going to do no matter what along with a spattering of things I hope to accomplish. So far, I've been pretty good about getting even the more ambitious things done....

Here's my lists for this whole week:

Okay, and I have been exercising every day, but I can't check it off until the end of the week. Here are some daily lists:

I haven't finished the sock, but I did make Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner and everyone loved it. Yay! We had snap beans and scalloped potatoes on the side.

Oh, and we had a breakfast date this morning! Oh, it was fun. James gets up at 5am (5 AM!!!) to study for finals and I usually sleep until the baby wakes up longs after he's gone to work. I know he likes it when I do get up with him, but it's really hard for me... being pregnant and all. But this morning I got up, made a coffee cake, fixed eggs, sausage, toast and coffee and we called it a breakfast date. Then, he studied while I turned my first heel.

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  1. The coffee cake was scratch-made, awesome and a complete surprise. When I got home from work last night I noticed that the butter was missing. This morning I found out why!