Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love This Movie!

Yesterday was one of those days in which one has boundless creativity and random, unexplained bursts of euphoria. Don't you love those days? It was beautiful outside, too. After a nice walk with some friends, Beatrice settled for a long afternoon nap. I opened the window in the bedroom and poured boxes and boxes of fabric onto the bed. Then, I made myself a little nest in the mountain and got to work with my scissors and pincushion and needles. While I worked I watched Science of Sleep. It is a story of rejection, but it is still quite lovely and really captures the way dreams feel.

Do you like to have a movie play sometimes when you make things? I can become very distracted , so a movie blocks out all the other noises and I just listen rather than watch. Sometimes I would look up and catch part of a scene, too. But I realized there were whole sections I completely missed!

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