Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cooper, my brother.

Cooper is younger than Isobel and Hudson and me, but older than Reuben, Justus, Raleigh and Emma. He is probably the biggest out of all of them, though. He is tall, but super skinny. They are all super skinny. He lost tons of weight recently when he went to Guatemala for school. Now he is back and he likes us all more after missing us. Cooper is silly. He makes silly faces and says silly things and we never know for sure when he's "for real." Sometimes bearded, he has blond hair (naturally wavy) and blue eyes. He plays guitar and sings. His plans include medical school and a hands-on career. Sometimes I don't like him very much, but mostly I do.
The general consensus is that Cooper is "the favorite."


  1. how many siblings do you have? he has awesome hair...heehee!

  2. Seven siblings... His hair is pretty awesome. But then, he goes and cuts it all off without warning!