Monday, August 23, 2010

Date Night and MUSIC!

James and I went out on a date the other night while Isobel watched Beatrice. It was so nice to get out for awhile! We went for a steak dinner and while we waited (despite having called ahead!), someone gave us a great coupon that rendered one entree free! Yay for nice people! (It's also encouraging to know that James and I are in fact approachable.)

After dinner, James took me to a record store and I found the Sally Seltmann CD I've been craving ever since I heard her interviewed on World Cafe. (You can listen to the interview here.) And to make the evening even better it was a promotional release of her new album and cost just a fraction of the usual price! Woohoo!

I really love her sweet pop songs and her lovely voice! When I heard her talking on the radio, I thought she sounded just like Claire from Lost. Anyway, here are some pictures of Sally:

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