Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nursery Tour

So you've seen the progression from Girl Baby Room to A Boy Is Coming. Now I've taken it a step further. We've brought in the Big Girl Bed. The whole room had to be rearranged and I can't thank Beatrice's daddy or my own enough for all the work they've put into this!

Beatrice on her new bed, the bed I was born on.
A verse that Mama cross-stitched for me when I was afraid of the dark hangs over Bea's pillow.
Lots of special things for Beatrice not to touch.
Yeah, she likes it.
Mama had this lamp in her room as a child. For those of you who watch Mad Men, you might have noticed a similar one in Sally Draper's room.
So, obviously this is where the most work still needs to be done. He needs a quilt, boy sheets, a boy crib skirt, etc. Relax- I still have a little over four weeks!
Beatrice can't get through a day without these.

The closet side.


  1. What a lovely little girls room! She's one lucky little girl. It's amazing how small they look sat on a "big" bed after seeming to over-crowd their crib!

    Good luck in the next few weeks.

  2. soooo cute. you've got good taste.

  3. AWWWW!!! Even though I was there for much of this transformation, it looks so great.(Justus says "professional!") I like where you put all the pretties. Still no clown mobile?

  4. I love this! you should submit it to Ohdeedoh!