Friday, December 3, 2010

A Book Post

I've been into these Dune books for a month or two. Here's the first one.
James is reading it now. This is the one in which Paul rises from boy to hero. Kinda like the first Star Wars movie.

Dune is a saga. I only read the first one and the subsequent ones I've had to get on CD from the library. Because our library doesn't have any Frank Herbert books. Lame.

The next book is:
In this book, Paul is tempted to turn to the dark side in order to save his beloved from suffering. She ends up dying in the birth of their twin children (a boy and a girl) after which Paul-- well, I won't give it away. But you've seen Star War, right? Dune is where George Lucas got all of his best ideas.

The next book is:
This is where knowledge of Star Wars won't get you anywhere. This book chronicles the events that occur when the twins are nine years old. It is a critical year. This one made me tear up a little in a few places. The children make some enormous sacrifices for mankind.

Now I'm in the fourth:
It's a little hard to get into because it takes place 3000 years after the previous books. And I pretty much only get to listen to it when I walk the treadmill or do the stationary bike. But there is a Star Wars parallel- Jabba the Hut is in this one. The Dune equivalent anyway- face and arms on the body of a worm. Yuck-o!

Has anyone seen the Dune miniseries?

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