Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Goal 3: Create a unique look for each member of the family

This is purely for fun! I love sewing clothes and I like the challenge of making something for each of us that fits our personalities as well as our figures. 

For James, I'm thinking something silver and glittery that he can wear onstage.  With sequins most likely. Hand-sewn couture is the only way with that one, you know.

For myself, I dress. A pretty dress. A dress too pretty to just wear around the house or out to get groceries. A little number with some frill to it.

For Beatrice, hmmmm. Okay, for the kids I'll make something embarrassingly matchy-matchy that they will hate when they see pictures in years to come! (Just kidding! I can't plan their looks because they change so quickly when they are this young. I'll have to base their looks on the way they are when I sit down to sew!)

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