Monday, December 6, 2010

My Heart Shaped Family

I love my babies!
James and I are lucky that they are so young still and won't know the difference if this is a very pinche Christmas. Bea will get a Pooh bear that I found for nothing on ebay, but I don't think little Ambrose is getting anything. From us. 
He'll probably get a grandparent gift or two.

But we have our tiny Christmas tree and we have a whole lot of Christmas Spirit. 
And we have bushels and bushels of love 
and that's what matters, right?


  1. Christmas spirit and bushels of love is exactly what matters. It really is what Christmas is all about. :)

    Bea and Ambrose are simply adorable.

  2. Exactly! Zion has learned a new appreciation for his crib, after explaining that the manger baby Jesus was sleeping in was basically the equivalent of Nakita's (our big husky dog's)doggie dish.