Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Space Issues

James and I need to figure out some storage solutions. Our apartment is too tight right now. And it's not because we have too much stuff. It's just a really tiny apartment! I could do some over-the-door shelves such as that one. I found all the parts at Hobby Lobby. Also, I talked to Daddy about actually building some storage space like so:

I think this is a lovely idea for shoes:
Some things you just need to store away and some things you want to display. If I had a cabinet like this one, I would have books with attractive book-ends on top.

We simply have too many books, though. But there's no way we can narrow down our library. We've already parted with so many of our beloved books to fit in here. Now the books line even the kitchen cabinets and overflow from the linen closet to the kids' closet! Some ingenuous bookshelves are needed! Maybe like this:
Because that doesn't protrude into the room, taking up precious space. Plus, you get to look at the lovely book covers!

The kids' room also needs help and I've had some shelves like these in mind for a while...
So simple, right? We've been talking about renewing our lease here come March and I think the only way we could take this for another year would be if we really just invested in some solutions...

(images found through random web surfing)

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