Saturday, January 1, 2011

11 Goals Round-up

I've shared about half of my eleven with you so far. I think I'll just spill the rest right here and now! From start to finish. Here's what I've got (and you better hold me to them!):

1. do 12 paintings
2. exhibit artwork
3. create unique look for each family member
4. make drawing a habit
5. do fun photoshoots with James
6. start drawing club

7. make music video for Rewind (a cool song by Jake Xingu)

8. release Darger Pop 1-9 Live (it's about time I put out another album!)

9. complete Robert and Lindsay's quilt (like, soon.)

10. do album art for James

11. start vintage clothing line (I'll be updating my etsy shop with vintage this week!!!)

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