Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak Peek

I'm making a quilt for a friend. I could finish it in a couple days if I were uninterrupted. But that's not gonna happen. I am a nursing mama after all. I fit it in during naps and sometimes I get a chance in the evenings too.
click the pic to see it big
click the pic to see it big 
Sometimes Beatrice wants to help. She says, "sew? sew? sew?..." If you've ever had a toddler around, you know what it's like. You get to hear the same word on (cute, lisping) repeat.
All I have left? Put all the strips of strips together to form the quilt top. Add pretty dot-dot border. Assemble quilt top, batting and back. Baste and quilt lines radiating out of various centers like clusters of sunshines. I want it to look pretty on both sides so it is reversible. (Don't tell Lindsay, but I saved some of the coolest fabric ever because the possibility of shams popped into my head :)

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  1. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!! I love the colors, and it's gonna look so wonderful in our room! And I love that Beatrice helped! Thank you!