Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day

"And if the snow
buries my, my neighborhood" 
(arcade fire)
Today was a major snow day. Snow like we haven't seen since 1989. James and Beatrice went out early while I fixed some eggs, b. and t. as well as some traditional, made-from-scratch, snowy day hot cocoa. Here is Beatrice very seriously contemplating the phenomenon of Snow:
She had on so many layers she could hardly move! When she came in, I gave her hot cocoa in her sippy cup because that's the kind of mama I am. Then, after breakfast when the kids napped, James and I went for a walk outside. 

It was so powdery that we couldn't even make a snowman. :( But s'tch-k :)
So happy to have boots!

Later on, we made a tent.

Jamey Ambrose took a little nap (so did I).

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