Monday, February 14, 2011

Hair, Pink Hair

Now that I have an office job where I have to look all professional? I really, really want faded cotton candy pink hair with powdery blue and yellow bits here and there. Oh, my. This job lasts until April 18th though. (Normally tax season only goes 'til the 15th, but there's a holiday in Washington D.C. that falls on the 15th this year, so they moved the tax deadline just a smidge. Yay for a few extra days of employment!)

Here are some nice colors.

Mmmmm. Pink hair for Valentine's Day would have been such fun! Maybe sometime, I can get get James to do his hair baby blue and I'll have mine baby pink!


  1. Getting pretty pissed off here at the office while my colleague just chats and chats away. It's Valentine's Day for crissakes!


  2. The color in the second to last picture is especially lovely (in my opinion!) :)

  3. James- I wish you were here, sweetheart!

    Rachel- That's my favorite!!!

  4. I like the 5th one...:)