Thursday, March 31, 2011

you ARE my hero

I found another note from my sweetie!


Maybe I could keep James from looking at our bank account and just buy a few of these...

I want some new rugs for our new house!!!!!

You Make Me So Happy

So today is a big packing day for us. Our move is tomorrow and I've got a wall of boxes in the living room. Why am I blogging? I don't know. I should get back to work!

Anyway, the thing I like most about moving is that I find old love letters that have been hiding in various drawers and under mattresses. James has always given me sweet notes and I have them dating back to our earliest days of teenage love. You probably think I should have them all organized in a folder somewhere, but that is not my style. I prefer to find them in unexpected places because they never fail to make me smile.

This is the one I found today:

Shortly after we met, I snuck* into his place once when he was at work and I put little hearts (drawn with red crayon on tiny pieces of paper) ALL OVER his house. Everywhere! Wish I had a picture of that for you!

*So according to spellcheck, snuck is not a word. Should it be sneaked? Now that I say it out loud, snuck sounds about as wrong as brung for brought.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


James is at work (at his second job) and I am at home with the kids after a long day of work, running around and buying the last appliance for our new home. The kids are both in bed (after dinner, baths, books and bottles), but for some reason neither one is asleep! I guess it's about to be cuddle on the couch time. Because really? This week, I'm not so good at the schedule: Yesterday, Bea had two (or three?) baths and the kitchen only got cleaned once. Despite the fact that at least 5 separate meals were prepared. Yeah, gross.

We are moving this weekend and I find myself using the move as an excuse not to do things. I'll start Am on solids once we are in the new house. I'll potty train Bea once we are settled. You know, just some big things.

In the meantime, we will re-read our Dr Seuss books and watch too much Disney.

And avoiding packing as much as possible... Well, not really. I'm totally going to spend the entire day packing--- tomorrow!


I love this so much that I don't even care that it should be LIE instead of LAY.

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Last night, we had a few friends over and had some drinks. Lucy brought her Instax. Kara brought Irish Creme and soda. Which don't mix well. It curdles, actually.

James and Jake in the Living Room with the Globe

Cooper in the Dining Room with theTelevision

Mario in the Foyer with the Casserole

 Kara and Self in the Kitchen with the Curdled Alcohol

Thursday, March 24, 2011

These Clothes

Wow- just looking at these makes me feel like a teenager again... Oh, the books that defined my youth! Ray Bradbury didn't write enough. Neither did Hermann Hesse or Camus. I loved Dostoevsky when I was young, but not as an adult... Dickens I have loved in spurts. Gatsby drew me in later. Hemingway, bleh. Edna St. Vincent Millay knew just how I felt! And for awhile no one existed but Shelley.

Amby Video

Flash Inspiration

These are flash pictures taken of my newly re-done inspiration board. I felt like it needed a makeover for Spring! Looks to me like I'm into bright colors, patterns and lots of yellow. Wanna see the whole thing???

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


As you know, I'm really into interesting nails right now. So much so that my coworker Jerry always checks to see if my nails match my every outfit. Yeah, kinda annoying. Especially as it puts a smidge of pressure on me to keep up with them... Anyway, I just had to share these pictures from The Hilary and Amber Blog.

Hope you are inspired-- Go do your nails!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

soundcloud album of the day: psychic amputation by sun sweet sun

soundcloud album of the day: psychic amputation by sun sweet sun

Go get some tea...

At O-CHA tea bar! Some of my Japan Relief Art will be on display there all through April! You can see this painting in it's finished state:

(Have you ever seen a worse photograph?! I took it late at night when I was about to call it quits. I definitely used flash.)

Saturday, March 19, 2011


I have fallen in love with an etsy shop that is totally out of my price range... But I love, love, love what this girl does! Check it:

The artist models her own work. And so she should! She's like a modern day Irene Cara: super talented with a look all her own!

That said, even though I adore her work and would love to support it, I gotta just get by with what I can make here in my own little apartment...

I have two more almost finished and a bit bigger than that one...

Under the Weather

The weather in our area is so beautiful right now!!! I wish it could be like this every day. (But don't you think you'd get tired of it? I suppose so. Every other day?) The only impediment to my absolute enjoyment of it is that my kids are under it. They have little runny noses and rough voices. But they don't seem to be suffering too much as you can see in these snap shots James got of Am today:

Why does he always have his arms back like that?? I have a feeling he is going to be a late crawler and maybe an even later walker than Beatrice was (14 months). When I pull them forward he can go so far up on them! And he rolls all over the place!

For kicks, James and I moved our bed into the living room for about a week. It was nice being able to set this little guy down and not worry about him falling off-- it was only the mattress.

I love changing things up like that. Spontaneity, baby!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Geisha Art for Japan

My heart breaks for Japan every time I turn on the radio or get on the internet. I want to do more than pray. As you know I have an interest in Geisha which comes through quite a bit in my art. I have decided that 100% of profit from any geisha themed art that I sell in 2011 will go directly to the earthquake/tsunami relief effort. I'm not sure of the charity yet, but I'm leaning toward Doctors Without Borders.

Here's a sampling: