Saturday, March 19, 2011

Under the Weather

The weather in our area is so beautiful right now!!! I wish it could be like this every day. (But don't you think you'd get tired of it? I suppose so. Every other day?) The only impediment to my absolute enjoyment of it is that my kids are under it. They have little runny noses and rough voices. But they don't seem to be suffering too much as you can see in these snap shots James got of Am today:

Why does he always have his arms back like that?? I have a feeling he is going to be a late crawler and maybe an even later walker than Beatrice was (14 months). When I pull them forward he can go so far up on them! And he rolls all over the place!

For kicks, James and I moved our bed into the living room for about a week. It was nice being able to set this little guy down and not worry about him falling off-- it was only the mattress.

I love changing things up like that. Spontaneity, baby!


  1. This almost discourages me from having children, because there is NO WAY my kids could be cuter than this. Ambrose needs to be modeling or something....