Monday, March 14, 2011


Well, it was kind of a long drive down to Charleston.

There was a lot of screaming, but s'tch-k because we had earplugs.

I sat in the back with the kids for just the last leg of the trip and they were a little happier. I read them some of the most annoyingly silly books on the planet (Sandra Boynton --whom Beatrice LOVES). Amby got really cute.

We had a great time Saturday night with our friends! Robert and Lindsay and their little guy Zion had us over for dinner. We left our camera at the hotel, but Lindsay took some pictures of the kids playing in Z's room.

Tony and Desiree came over too and Amby loved being cuddled by a pretty girl:

We got back to the hotel around midnight and got the kids in bed. It was kind of a long night. Bea kept waking up and freaking out because she didn't know where we were. But we made it through and got up in time for the continental breakfast. Where we got some much needed COFFEEEEE!

After getting ready, packing up the car, turning in our hotel key and playing a lot, we headed downtown to meet up with Tony and Desiree. They showed us their place and we all went out for lunch. They have a cool ride:

 Then we took Beatrice to see the ocean. She lit up when she realized what it was and she took off running!

The ride home was just as long as the ride down. What a fun trip we had, though! I can't wait to go back again when the water is warmer. And can't wait to see all our lovely friends!

Lindsay sent a picture of the quilt I made for them:


  1. Sounds like fun! We've not visited to Charleston yet.

  2. Looks like a fun trip :) So jealous you got to go to the beach! She looks so cute about to jump in. Adorable. Your quilt looks amazing too!

  3. We loved seeing you guys! Somehow it made us miss you even more...