Tuesday, March 29, 2011


James is at work (at his second job) and I am at home with the kids after a long day of work, running around and buying the last appliance for our new home. The kids are both in bed (after dinner, baths, books and bottles), but for some reason neither one is asleep! I guess it's about to be cuddle on the couch time. Because really? This week, I'm not so good at the schedule: Yesterday, Bea had two (or three?) baths and the kitchen only got cleaned once. Despite the fact that at least 5 separate meals were prepared. Yeah, gross.

We are moving this weekend and I find myself using the move as an excuse not to do things. I'll start Am on solids once we are in the new house. I'll potty train Bea once we are settled. You know, just some big things.

In the meantime, we will re-read our Dr Seuss books and watch too much Disney.

And avoiding packing as much as possible... Well, not really. I'm totally going to spend the entire day packing--- tomorrow!

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