Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This is what a two year old looks like:

Beatrice is two today. I took these pictures on Sunday before church. Daddy used to take pictures of me and my siblings sometimes on Sunday mornings when we were all spiffed up. Those are some cute pictures! Maybe I can find some to share.
Beatrice is stringing up to 5 words together at a time now, making sentences that make sense. Her hair is long and often in ringlets. She is more independent every day. She requires a lot of... redirection. She loves going into the nursery to play with all the other children! I think she would really love daycare, but I would not.

Did you know that little James Ambrose is already 6 months old? He is. And he is just going and going! He loves playing outside and he loves his sister. But he does not like baby food. At all. He just wants big kid food.

This is what a six month old looks like:

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  1. Great pics of Bea-she looks every bit of two in those! No wonder she took her bow out right away in the car-she had had to pose already!