Tuesday, April 26, 2011

In Law Time

Tonight some of our not-so-close in-laws will be meeting the kids for the very first time. Exciting, no? It is a little awkward seeing folks you haven't seen in years, but having kids to show off makes an awkward situation a lot easier. Hope they like 'em! :)

Here's what the little dears will be wearing:

1. Hat gifted years ago to my brother Raleigh (now 14).
2. A onesie shirt from my friend Jessie.
3. Thrifted sandals.
4. Overalls my (now 12 year old) sis Emma wore.
5. Socks Mama made for Bea on Am for the night.
6. Amber necklace from ebay for teething.
7. Sparkle mary janes from Target.
8. Rainbow shirt from Target.
9. Thrifted/gifted skinny jeans.

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