Friday, May 6, 2011

Goals for 2011

We're not to the half-way point yet, but I want to go ahead and touch base with my goals for this year. I wrote them down in this post.

1. do 12 paintings. I've got 7 completed and 1 in progress. All are acrylic on wood except one small oil painting. I've gotten to the point where painting is therapeutic and cathartic (rather than intimidating as it was as a student I guess). My style has developed, too. I feel like my paintings represent who I am more now that ever!

2. exhibit artwork. Although I still aim for a solo show at a local gallery, having my Geisha painting on display for the month of April at O-CHA was really cool and kind of a big deal to me. I'm really excited to have a second painting there as well.

3. create unique look for each family member. Nothing to report. I totally have not been sewing lately.

4. make drawing a habit. This is one that I should really work on...

5. do fun photoshoots with James. James has taken pictures of me, but we haven't had any amazing nights of pictures like I have in mind...

6. start drawing club. See number 4.

7. make music video for Rewind (a cool song by Jake Xingu). If I were writing this blog from James' computer where I have the images stored, I could impress you with my amazing psychedelic felt landscapes. Oh, well. Whatever.

8. release Darger Pop 1-9 Live. Yesssss! I had a breakthrough idea for this today. Good thing I have the rest of the year to make it happen!

9. complete Robert and Lindsay's quilt . DONE.

10. do album art for James. James, let's consult.

11. start vintage clothing line. Done and fun!! Click the link to my etsy store to your left.

So I haven't completely bombed, right? Besides, those are only my creative goals. Family goals like teaching Bea her ABCs and potty training are right on track and I'm going to the gym regularly enough. So is James. 

This has been our busiest year yet with kids, work and school. So I'm pretty happy with this almost-mid-year assessment!

How are you keeping up with your goals for this year? Any you've changed your mind about?


  1. Tell me your breakthrough idea for Dargerpop 1-9!

  2. I'm not doing too bad on mine, but I only had one -- the drawing a day challenge. I think I'm up to 119 drawings in a 120-something days.

  3. Don't even remember mine, but they probably weren't worth keeping. I think most people -me- come up with resolutions in the post-new-years-eve-party stupor.