Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mini Moog and Make-up on a Muggy Day

I know $95 for a pillow seems steep, but for a Moog? That's a deal. I wish I could get this for James.


James was interviewed for an article in the paper last week and we went down to the paper's studio yesterday so they could get a professional picture. It was fun and the kids were great. James looked really hot, so I can't wait 'til the article runs!! 

The only problem was that the weather here has gotten super muggy and we didn't realize how nasty it was out there until after we found ourselves navigating the crowded streets of downtown in jeans and, in my case, make-up. 

Do you wear foundation in summer? I usually skip it because I like to be able to wipe my face if I get super hot and wiping off or smearing make-up is yucky. But yesterday...

However, I gotta say, after all the positive feedback concerning my freckles/moles, I have been a lot more confident going out without any makeup except some mascara. 

So--- thank you readers who comment!!!


  1. skip it! i almost never wear it anyway, and you're so sexy with or without.

  2. I almost never wear makeup besides eyeliner and mascara. Foundation bugs me even in winter. Embrace the freckles!

  3. I didn't use foundation that often until a year and a half ago when I got some Bare Minerals... *addiction*