Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Even though we girls know the Manic Pixie Dream Girl is nothing more than a Hollywood fabricated fantasy for gloomy boys, I kinda think we all have a little piece of us that wants to be one. Is it just me?

The girl who is so cute you can hardly stand it; she's contagiously fun and funny; her smile washes away all your anxiety and self-doubt; she's so spontaneous you just about lose your balance; just being around her makes you a better person.

And she's usually crazy and quirky in varying degrees...

You know, like Kirsten Dunst in Elizabethtown

 and Natalie Portman in Garden State

 Zooey Deschanel in Gigantic

Kate Winslet in Eternal Sunshine

Come on, who are some more?

The thing is she isn't real. And it's a good thing. Can you imagine living in a manic state? Always on, always operating on all cylinders, in an extreme state of exuberance. I need some down-time just thinking about it!

I think it would be fun to make a movie about a manic pixie dream boy. You take a girl who is grumpy, gloomy and at a total dead end job. Introduce a fresh young face, full of charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, if you will. Add a section of major self-doubt. Voila! A movie. Hopefully a blockbuster.


  1. "She's a nut-job...but I love her."

  2. I totally love this post. I think since these are some of my favorite movies, I probably want to be one of those girls. Do Amelie, Juno, and Ponyo count as MPDG's? I think Howl, from Howl's movie castle is a good male equivalent.

  3. Natalie Portman in that emporium movie...

  4. Juliette Lewis in Gilbert Grape?