Sunday, June 26, 2011

Secret Project

I made merch for my friend Jake Xingu to sell at his show. I made (with help from friends/husband) 6 t-shirts and 10 cds! There are three different shirt designs, two of which are in this dark and blurry picture taken last night at the venue...
You can also see the cd cover, a drawing that I did based on a picture of Jake taken a few months ago at one of our parties-- back when he had hair and a beard. Jake was just as surprised as I had hoped!!!

The show was so much fun, but then I always love to see Jake perform! You can download some of his music here.

Unfortunately, Jake's wife Lucy didn't come to the show last night. They are expecting their first child and she is just getting toward the end of that not-so-pleasant first trimester. I do not miss the fatigue and nausea of those months with Bea and Am!

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