Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Remember that dress I told you about yesterday? Here it is:

I have a red leather belt (vintage) to wear with it. I will be looking for some strappy red leather wedges (or something?) and a necklace of chuncky wooden beads, also red.

Mama seemed to think I was crazy. She said, "wow, that's pretty.... bold." But if I don't live now, when will I? Hmmm? My life is short and I'm going to wear silly things and bright colors now.

Oh, and Isobel actually likes it!


  1. I found some pretty wedges at Target. Now if I could just find $25 to buy em with...

  2. that dress is so cute!! awesome find!

  3. oh wait you made this?!? even better.

  4. Honestly, I just didn't like the sheet stripes!! At least on me, and well, the colors too, but it's just me, ok?