Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Where We Live

The other day, James and I went out with the kids and took some pictures of the part of town where we live. It is called San Souci ("care free") and it is a part of Greenville, SC near downtown. There is a big, new-ish strip mall that is the main focal point of the area, but I omitted it from the pictures, because -well, you probably have one just like it up the street anyway. Here are some local places that we see every day.
"ECHOLS" I don't know what it means, but those enormous green things spell home.
Random graffiti.
I love this sign and their old frilly garland!
I live in Dixie and here's proof!
Cherry Motors. That's all I have to say about that. 
This place has some awesome stuff and definite creep factor...
Life Without Television?
I love the name Evette. And I love to imagine the woman who ran and/or runs this used car lot...
Did you notice the Kudzu in those first two pictures? It is everywhere. I tried to keep it out of my pictures, but you can't control it. We tell ourselves that we've learned to co-exist, but inside each Southerner is the dreadful knowledge that someday the Kudzu will have the upper hand. It is slowly eating away at our landscape and we simply cannot win.


  1. I'm familiar with almost all these sightings! It makes me realize how cool these everyday things really are when seen from a new perspective. Great post.

  2. Lily, these pics just made me laugh!! I definitely saw them in a new light. You really captured the retro quirkiness of Sans Souci. Send them to the paper maybe. It cd be a new weekly feature!

  3. Wow Lily you took pics of some of the trashiest looking places ...

  4. Yes the kudzu will have the upper hand .
    Look at those pics in two weeks.

  5. LOL you guys!! Emma, I debated for awhile whether I wanted to share with the world the truth about where I live. But I gotta keep it real, sis!

  6. LILY! You live so close to where I work! Who'd'a thunk? :D

  7. I saw Life Without Television yesterday and had to stop and take a photo. You have some great photos.