Tuesday, July 12, 2011


A is for Almodovar.

He's one of my favorite directors. I love the way he tells stories, all of which feature strong, interesting women. I love that he has muses that span decades, like Carmen Maura. 

He gives me beautiful colors. And with one single movie (Volver starring Penelope Cruz!) made me turn away from my tom-boyish ways and embrace femininity! (For awhile there I spent my evenings practicing eye make-up...)

So good! Really, I've liked all his movies. There was only one that I enjoyed less than the rest, Bad Education, even though Gael Garcia Bernal is the star. 

(That movie just deals with some issues I'm not comfortable with.) 

Talk To Her is great if you are new to Almodovar...

Which ones have you seen?


  1. penelope cruz is one of the most beautiful women alive!

  2. I agree and I think she really shines in Spanish roles!