Friday, August 5, 2011

Good Morning, Beautifuls!

Our Morning:

7:30 get up and sneak into the kitchen to start the coffee. Go pick up an adorable boy who is making sweet noises. Open Bea's door to find her emerging from under her quilt. Sing "good morning to you" and change diapers and cuddle.

7:45 Curl up on the couch with a book and a cup of coffee while the kiddos play together on the floor. Give them breakfast once I have ingested a sufficient amount of caffeine. 

8:00 Tidy up the outer rooms, make beds, get dressed. Pick out a few toys, fill a basin with water and head outside to play before it gets too hot! Play until we are muddy, wet messes.

8:45 Come inside and stick Bea in the bath, rinse Am in the sink and put on fresh diapers.

9:00 Snack time for kids while I clean the kitchen.

9:20 Bottle Am and talk to Bea while she plays. Read her a story or two.

9:30 Nap time!!

11:00 Wake up time and change those dipes again. Clean the nursery (with the door closed because the drier is running and it is super loud), stopping to read books whenever Beatrice asks.

11:30 We all go into the kitchen for lunch. Bea has a plate of cheese, black olives and a ham-tortilla-wrap.

Am has something green that he thinks is a drink.

 Then I catch Am trying to booze it up. Too bad the bottle is capped and empty.

12:00 Wash everybody up and put fresh clothes on-- We made it through the morning!


  1. those kids eat so MUCH !

  2. I feel these photos perfectly sum up what kids are all about. No pants, lots of eating and a big messy face.