Friday, September 30, 2011

Mod Make-Up a la Twiggy


This look is good for those days when you just need to glam it up a little. And when you go out in the evenings (to the tool shed to dance).

1. Draw a smooth, thick line from just beside your inner eye all the way over and out to just the other side. Tip: follow Twiggy's lead and use powder and a brush rather than a pencil. 

2. Give yourself a nice dose of eyeliner for definition, pencil or liquid- whatever you are comfortable with. Extend it just a tad on either side to add drama. 

3. Apply false lashes. Tip: get them in bulk from ebay, especially if you are new to them. That way you can practice without worrying about messin' 'em up. Because you will mess some up until you get the hang of it. And that's okay.

4. Using a precise brush, draw lines under your eyes extending down as far as you can handle. These will look like awesome lower lashes from a distance. 

Extra Credit: Take it a step further by adding a pop of blush on the cheeks and a good, hearty dose of colorful eyeshadow! A touch of lipgloss and you are golden, baby!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


A week from tomorrow my baby will be one. He is just starting to walk and he says so many words that only James, Bea and I can understand. He dances and he laughs all. the. time.

As most people know, we are stopping at two. Which I am fine with and I think it is right for our family. But it does mean that I will be dealing with baby fever for years and years to come. You know, when you want a baby, a newborn, someone to cuddle and fuss over. You want the excitement of planning for your baby and finding out the sex.

Of course, thoughts of poop and paying for 18 years of stress and drama plus college and having three teenagers at the same time don't enter into these fantasies. :/

So I'll stick with my two kids. Not babies anymore, mind you. Kids. Well, technically toddlers. But, gosh, we've come so far: sleeping through the night in the same room, weaning, bottle weaning, self feeding. Soon even diapers will be a thing of the past!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lately I've Been:

Listening to: Decembrists, T-Rex, random mixes my peeps have made for me, NPR

Reading: Heretics of Dune by Frank Herbert (I'm reading it on my Kindle and I have to say I like the audio books better. All the different readers make it so compelling.)

(re-) Watching: Arrested Development

Looking forward to: the lovely plans we make for our weekends that may or may not come to fruition.

Relieved about: someone I love leaving the state.

On my mind: Family and why we turn out the way we do. AND (excuse me while I delve into the realm of personal opinion) how hypocritical it is to be vegan out of conscience and "experiment" with drugs. (You don't support the mistreatment of animals but you support the drug cartels and their mistreatment of HUMANS?) Wow- the things we think up while washing dishes, eh?

Stressed about: my Computer Graphics project, creating typography portraits in Illustrator.

Wasting time: on Tumblr

Time Out

Today was soup and medicine. Cinderella and curling up with a quilt. Reading How the Grinch Stole Christmas. Wearing corduroy. 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Learning a Lesson

I've had this project in my computer graphics class that I'm finally turning in today. The assignment was to design a tri-fold brochure for a product chosen from a list that the teacher provided. I chose Crest Whitestrips. We used InDesign to create the brochure and I've paid close attention in class and worked hard at home to learn this program.

Something you should know about me is that all my life it has been very important to me that I make good grades. Not just good, perfect. And I have always been the sort to get really offended and upset by anything less than an A.

Well, I had my brochure finished and printed and last night I set it all up on the display board. Only to realize for the first time that the placement of one of the images is really not good. It's the sort of not good that you have to see printed and folded to understand. That is why I overlooked it on the computer, I suppose. AND my teacher is kinda anal about sans serif vs serif and I am not.

So I'm probably going to get a low grade for this assignment.

And you know what? I'm okay with that.

It's more important to me now that I learn the program than that I impress the teacher or have a perfect score. I've been too prideful and I can take a step back. The point of school is to get an education, afterall, not to show off- not even to yourself.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My Little Bookworm

I just read the first 3 chapters of Matilda by Roald Dahl to my mesmerized 2 year old. The illustrations by Quentin Blake are so perfect! I am sure a lot of it goes right over her head, but she loves it none the less. Reading aloud slightly above her level is a great way to build up her vocabulary and stretch her understanding. She is getting the basic plot though- I know because I stop and ask her questions about what's going on every few pages.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Red Chair

Growing up, my siblings and I always played on this particular chair that my folks always had. We would read stories in it, make tents, fight over it, etc. They actually still have it. It has been changed many times over, whether reupholstered or slip-covered.

I wanted our kids to have a similar experience and over the weekend we found the perfect chair! It is bright red. The kids love it as much as we do. (And I talked the seller down 20% on the sale price :)
It helps give structure to our living room and is more like a home with a comfy chair! Maybe it seems silly to you that I am so excited about this thing, but other than the couch, the only thing we've had in there was the chair Husdon pulled from the dumpster when we lived in those apartments in Charleston- although that was a really lucky find!


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thrifting Here

James and I (and Beatrice. And Ambrose.) went thrifting today. We went to a number of stores in our little neck of the woods and I found SO MANY AMAZING VINTAGE GARMENTS. I could not believe my finds. Like a gorgeous 1960s pant-gown with a matching crop jacket in kelly green, a handful of pretty baby and toddler dresses from the late sixties (metal zippers), a blue and lavender dress that my wardrobe has been lacking and more, plus they were all found on dollar racks.

But WTF? Everything had blood splattered stains. Is this not kinda creepy? It's like some horrific event happened decades ago and everyone tried to cover it up, but then their children went through their attics last week and donated the evidence to Goodwill.

I cannot get that blue and lavender dress out of my mind. So pretty.

Anyone know of a sure-fire trick to get out decades-old blood stains?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The 13th

And the full moon was last night. So maybe that explains the weirdness of today. There were a lot of fails with school today. (I know I saved that document on Flash Gordon, why wasn't it there?) Anyway, it ended up just the way a day should: wine, chocolate, Arrested Development on netflix.

I want to let you know some things that have happened lately that I am pretty dern excited about. In no particular order.

-Amby has taken his first adorable steps!! He seems to be a bit confused though: He will take a step with the left foot, stop, take another step with the left foot, and collapse into a pile of giggles.

-We got a new dryer. Seems like a normal, first-world kinda thing? Yeah, we were out for awhile there and it did not smell good.

-My in-laws gave me a vehicle thus releasing me from my tether to out house. Now that I am mobile, my world has expanded exponentially. (I am in math class, can you tell?)

-Now that Bea is two and a half (just about), I think it is safe to say she is taking after her mama. She is a bookworm and a tomboy. Her favorite things are Book Time and Outside Time.

-Beatrice and Am both sleep in the nursery now. No more tiptoeing around at night with a kid in the living room!

-I am very excited to be reconnecting with our friend Josh!

-ARLO! Lucy is having a boy and his name is Arlo!

Super awesome vintage mod dress from the 60s and authentic shoes to match. Dance party, anyone?

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pink Hair

I've had this wig for awhile and now that the weather is changing, it is getting a bit easier to wear. (Hot weather+full wig=great discomfort) Anyway, I've considered a few re-styles for this one. I think the short, choppy bangs are an improvement. What do you think?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Last Year

Last year, I was busy with Bea's Fall Collection. :P

Maybe I'll put together some of her current looks. She still wears a lot of this.

I have never appreciated our camera upgrade more than right now. These pictures stink!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

A Sad Goodbye

Tomorrow I will be shipping out a few of my favorite vintage articles. They will be missed and fondly remembered. I hope their new owners love them as much as I do!

So almost totally off subject, but here's a little something that I'm sure has never happened to another etsy seller. You are about to list an item when you realize it has been destroyed by your toddler pretending it is a boat in her ocean of pee. Wow. Nice one, Beatrice.

I have learned my lesson.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What I Wore: Not Really

It turns out shorts can be too short afterall. Like these ones. They only look good from the front.

Daddy Time

Thursday is becoming my favorite day of the week. It is the day that James doesn't go to work! We get up late (ish) and hang out until I go to school. My first class isn't until 12:15. Today we had toast and Yo Gabba Gabba for breakfast. And we played outside. I love that the kids get time with James when I'm not there. It's good for all of us.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Kids Part 2


You are a dancer. You danced before you could even sit up and you are always finding a rhythm to jive to. You also like to sing. You say a few words, but your first was "dance." You are a happy camper, always trying to make us laugh and always up for a tickle fest or cuddle session. Bea chases you and you chase her. You two have screaming competitions regularly. You can stand, but you haven't taken your first step yet. Take your time with that, my baby. We are amazed by your cuteness everyday!!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Pixie Boots: Need

I can't even tell you how much I love these silly little boots. They are just my size. For Christmas this year, we are doing Something you want Something you need Something to wear Something to read. These are a NEED. (shop)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Around the House

These are just some little things I see every day that make me happy. The cat mug I use every day for coffee. The books on my own special shelf. The kids books. Some paintings and painted laurel branches. My pretty keyboard.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

What I Wore: Summer School

It's the fall semester and all, but it is also still Summer. I love this summery dress and am determined to enjoy this season and not get carried away by thoughts of the Pumpkin Spice latte that will be available in a matter of days...

dress: rosi vintage
purse: thrifted
shoes: ebay