Friday, September 30, 2011

Mod Make-Up a la Twiggy


This look is good for those days when you just need to glam it up a little. And when you go out in the evenings (to the tool shed to dance).

1. Draw a smooth, thick line from just beside your inner eye all the way over and out to just the other side. Tip: follow Twiggy's lead and use powder and a brush rather than a pencil. 

2. Give yourself a nice dose of eyeliner for definition, pencil or liquid- whatever you are comfortable with. Extend it just a tad on either side to add drama. 

3. Apply false lashes. Tip: get them in bulk from ebay, especially if you are new to them. That way you can practice without worrying about messin' 'em up. Because you will mess some up until you get the hang of it. And that's okay.

4. Using a precise brush, draw lines under your eyes extending down as far as you can handle. These will look like awesome lower lashes from a distance. 

Extra Credit: Take it a step further by adding a pop of blush on the cheeks and a good, hearty dose of colorful eyeshadow! A touch of lipgloss and you are golden, baby!


  1. Twiggy is a forever favorite! I need to try her eye make up for fun!

  2. wow thats pretty hard-core