Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Red Chair

Growing up, my siblings and I always played on this particular chair that my folks always had. We would read stories in it, make tents, fight over it, etc. They actually still have it. It has been changed many times over, whether reupholstered or slip-covered.

I wanted our kids to have a similar experience and over the weekend we found the perfect chair! It is bright red. The kids love it as much as we do. (And I talked the seller down 20% on the sale price :)
It helps give structure to our living room and is more like a home with a comfy chair! Maybe it seems silly to you that I am so excited about this thing, but other than the couch, the only thing we've had in there was the chair Husdon pulled from the dumpster when we lived in those apartments in Charleston- although that was a really lucky find!


  1. It is indeed the perfect chair.

  2. ca-uuuute chair! and baby :)
    xo Moorea