Thursday, September 29, 2011


A week from tomorrow my baby will be one. He is just starting to walk and he says so many words that only James, Bea and I can understand. He dances and he laughs all. the. time.

As most people know, we are stopping at two. Which I am fine with and I think it is right for our family. But it does mean that I will be dealing with baby fever for years and years to come. You know, when you want a baby, a newborn, someone to cuddle and fuss over. You want the excitement of planning for your baby and finding out the sex.

Of course, thoughts of poop and paying for 18 years of stress and drama plus college and having three teenagers at the same time don't enter into these fantasies. :/

So I'll stick with my two kids. Not babies anymore, mind you. Kids. Well, technically toddlers. But, gosh, we've come so far: sleeping through the night in the same room, weaning, bottle weaning, self feeding. Soon even diapers will be a thing of the past!

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