Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thrifting Here

James and I (and Beatrice. And Ambrose.) went thrifting today. We went to a number of stores in our little neck of the woods and I found SO MANY AMAZING VINTAGE GARMENTS. I could not believe my finds. Like a gorgeous 1960s pant-gown with a matching crop jacket in kelly green, a handful of pretty baby and toddler dresses from the late sixties (metal zippers), a blue and lavender dress that my wardrobe has been lacking and more, plus they were all found on dollar racks.

But WTF? Everything had blood splattered stains. Is this not kinda creepy? It's like some horrific event happened decades ago and everyone tried to cover it up, but then their children went through their attics last week and donated the evidence to Goodwill.

I cannot get that blue and lavender dress out of my mind. So pretty.

Anyone know of a sure-fire trick to get out decades-old blood stains?


  1. I'm still upset that Raja won. I was really pulling for Alexis Mateo. She is and always will be a huge inspiration for me. It is my dream to someday meet her or at least attend one of her shows or pageants!!

  2. Yes Alexis Mateo was much more inspiring. Just as fierce, but without the bitchiness.

  3. hmm bloodstains.. definitely a little creepy! Spray and wash is my go-to for stains lol, there is probably better stuff out there!

  4. I heard that the Oxy stain remover works best, haven't tried it though.

    We went thrifting this weekend too and found a heap of goodies as well, without blood stains though! heeheehee

    On another note, I was wondering if you could help me with a blogspot button...can you give me the html you use for yours? I have a picture but I just can't seem to get the html right everytime I try...ugh!